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 A Weekend in Stockholm

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A Weekend in Stockholm

Here is a list of everything people recommended. Most things I could not visit but I listed it anyway.

My top things are: Ett hem & Nobis Hotel, Sturehof & L‘Avventura Restaurant and Vasa & Moderna Museum.

PS: And don't go in winter. It is super windy.



- Nobis (Very cool design, small rooms, cool bar & lounge (very full on weekends). Great egg Benedict and coffee, fantastic scent design, nice staff)

- Et hem (This place is just wonderful. Not cheap but wonderful)

- Bank (Cool. But I prefer Nobis)

Not booked:

- At Six (cool. But prefer Nobis)

- Grand Hotel (a bit old school, recommended, not booked)

- at Six (recommended, not visited, place arround the not super nice) drinks

- Lydmar (Staff not nice)

- Story Hotel (recommended, not visited))

- Berns Hotel (Cool. Not mindblowing, recommended, not booked)

- Hotel Frantz



- Sturehof (Classic, superb food. Take the lobster plate)

- L'avventura (Really great interior and very good food)

- Riche (great brunch)

- Bonnie (Nice ambiente)

Not visited:

- AG Restaurant Bar

- hantverket

- Pelikan

- Kagges (recommended by several people)

- Brinken

- Nisch

- Stallmastergarde

- Könstnarbaren

- Frantzen

- Milles

- Operakallaren

- Teatergrillen

- Teaterbaren

- Tak (recommended by several people). At six

- Eriks Bakficka

- Eriks Gondolen

- Asian Post office (Recommended by Hotel Staff)

- Nosh&Chow

- EKstedt

- Anolds (Food not good. Wine Bar Ferdinand ask)

- Restauang Prinsen

- Pa&Co

- Nytorget 1


- Roof Bank Hotel

- V****

- Nosh & Chow

- Spybar

- Icebar für en Drink

Coffee Places

- fabriquestenung bageri

- Lorentyna

- Johan & Nysteom (Great coffee)

To see / do


- Fotografiska (too many people)

- Bibliotheksgatan

- Moderna Museet (very nice)

- Vasa Museum (very very impressive. Go!)

Not Visited:

- Nordiska museet

- Roof top tour

- Boat to Vaxholmen

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