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A Weekend in Tirana

How to spend a weekend in Tirana

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Arrival in Tirana

Tirana is a small city and you have seen almost everything within a day. If you are spending a weekend in Albania, be sure to visit besides Tirana the second largest City of Albania Durres.

Hotels in Tirana

The Tirana International Hotel is a 4*-Hotel in the heart oft he city. A journey to the heart of Albania hospitality! –And it´s still cheap. If you prefer a low-budget residence pick the Hotel Center Rooms Oresti nearby Skanderbeg Square.

Restaurants & Clubs

Restaurant Otium is a killer. Really nice food in the scene quarter Blloku. Be sure to visit and to enjoy the great food, but please ignore the horrible interior. Panoramic Bar: Have a beer there.That's it. Elevator will take you to the restaurant and then take the stairs up


Club Tao was very nice

Nice Bars in Paku


Sheshi Skenderbej plaza with the Skanderbg Monument.

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