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Why I don't do coffee

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This is why I don't do coffee and "can we meet for a short meeting" meetings

First of all the idea of this blog post is not to lecture someone in anyway. But in the last couple of weeks I received more and more e-mails in which people ask me to meet for coffee with no specific topic or goal - in most cases people I don't know or people I barley know.

This blog post is an attempt to manage all inquiries I receive in a productive way.

So this is why I don't do coffee

My number 1 job is that we are going to be successful with Amorana Sex Shop. We have responsibilities for many employees. There for I need most of my time for Amorana. The little time I have left I want to spend with family and good friends. So I became very picky with my time.

So if you write me here is a shot guide how both of us get the most out of it:

  1. Think about the person you are contacting and try to bring them value first
  2. Be specific. Being specific makes it easier for the other person to answer you quickly
  3. Use the communication tool you counter part prefers. Often people insist on personal meetings or phone calls. Remember you asked me ;)

So if you received this link imagine to be in my shoes and go through step 1, 2 and 3.

Thanks a lot for valuing my time 🙏

Listen to this podcast of Naval Ravikant:

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