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Why I don't do coffee

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Thanks for reaching out to me. I really appriciate that you were thinking of me. In the last couple of weeks I received more and more emails in which people asked me to meet for "coffee". Two problems arose: 

  1. I had less time for the things that were really important to me 
  2. People who contacted me thought I'm arrogant because I did not want to meet them

This blog post is an attempt to manage all inquiries I receive in the most productive way. So both of us accomplish what we  want. Me: control of my time, you: an answer.

I would appricate it if you could write me an email in the following structure: 

  1. Who are you?
  2. How can I help you? Be super specific ;)
  3. How would a meeting benefit me? Thanks for thinking about both of us. And money and shop optimization does not count ;)
  4. Bonus tip: If you tell me something interesting about you I might reply faster :)

And please let's choose emails over phone calls. Read here: Why I don't take your call

Thanks a lot for valuing my time 🙏

Listen to this podcast of Naval Ravikant. He explains it much better! Source:

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