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Why I don't take your call

· Optimization

Probably you just tried to call me and now I am sending you this weird link. First of all thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and valueing my time. Here is the reason why I am not taking your phone call:

  • I am a optimization junkie. Therefore, I try to make most of my time. I realized two things. 
  1. In this article I read that it takes up to 23min to get back into your flow when you get interrupted: Thus I try to protect my flow by avoiding too many unwanted interruptions/calls per day. 
  2. Unscheduled calls became more and more unproductive. Most of the time I have no context, I am not prepared and therefore the call usally ends with "I am going to send you an email with all the information". Let's skip the call and move directly to that part.

Write me an email or a Whatsapp message with these points: Who you are. How I can help you. And how urgent is it. Read more here: Why I don't do coffee

Thanks again for valueing my time. 


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