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    Entrepreneurship is my big passion. Creating something from scratch is what I do wholeheartedly. I am the co-founder of www.amorana.ch - swiss market leader in the field of sexual wellbeing. I successfully sold Amorana in 2020 and am now focused on passing on my learnings. Learn more about my company stories and failures and Amorana's exit here.

  • Swiss lifestyle retailer Amorana teams up with the Lovehoney Group, a global direct-to-consumer brand and e-commerce business based in UK. With the backing of Lovehoney, Amorana will further cement its position as the number one player in Switzerland. Amorana also sees opportunities for expansion into other European countries. / startupticker.ch

    Die britische Firma Lovehoney übernimmt eine Mehrheit am Schweizer Sextoy-Marktführer Amorana. Die beiden Gründer bleiben an Bord, und sie wollen ins Ausland expandieren. / NZZ

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