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    Entrepreneurship is my big passion. Creating something from nothing is what I am doing wholeheartedly. I am the co-founder of www.amorana.ch.


    One of my main goals is to simplify my life. I realized the fewer things I own the happier I became. Today I own about 119 different items.


    Traveling just makes me happy. Therefore I try to visit as many places as possible. After visiting every capital of every canton in Switzerland, I started visiting every capital of every European country - until today I visited 32 of 51 European countries.

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    Here you will find interviews with other entrepreneurs and some insight about my lifestyle and travels.

    Vorab, du beginnst dein Startup und es interessiert niemanden, ausser deinem Vater, Mutter oder...
    14 janvier, 2019
    Immer noch eines meiner Lieblingsvideo. Randy Pausch รผber Zeitmanagement. 10 Jahre alt aber aktuell.
    11 janvier, 2019 ยท Optimization ยท 2
    Seit Monaten bin ich fasziniert von Kaizen. Kaizen ist Japanisch und setzt sich zusammen aus Kai...
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    Immature is a word that boring people use to describe fun people. - Will Ferrell ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ•


  • books & PODCASTS i love

    Essentialism (Book)

    Focus, focus, focus ๐Ÿ™Œ

    This book help me to focus on the important things and get rid of the clutter.

    Zero to One (Book)

    Read before you build you start up. It is key.

    Really, really, really read this book before you start your startup. It will define how and what kind of business you will start.

    The Everything Store (Book)

    He is the man. Period.

    Bezos is a genius. Read this book - do it!

    Vagabonding (Book)

    It is all about travels.

    This book is an inspiration for all adventurers at heart.

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